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Hoodoo Plant Mamas

Apr 30, 2021

In this episode, we talk about our childhood experiences with spirits and death. We get into The People's Oracle, holding space for Black children, and acknowledging the harm many of our parents have done to us.


Sun In Twelfth is a Black Woman/LGTB owned business that hosts courses curated exclusively...

Apr 16, 2021

We're joined by the founders of Fennigan's Farms: Claire and Amanda. This week, we're discussing the need for food sovereignty for Black and indigenous people, food injustices in the United States, and how to start growing your own food at home.

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Spring Plant Pop-Up

Apr 2, 2021

In this episode, we're breaking down celebrity activism. Should activists become celebrities from the state-sanctioned murders of Black people? Why our liberation depends on centering women like Samaria Rice. And what's the line between art and activism?

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