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Hoodoo Plant Mamas

Nov 12, 2021

In this episode, we're talking about spirit writing with JujuBae! We discuss showing up as our full selves, writing as a healing tool and releasing ritual, and the role media plays in African Traditional and Diasporic Religions.

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JuJuBae is a proud Black girl millennial from Baltimore, Maryland with ancestral roots in West Virginia, Virginia, South Carolina, and Alabama. JujuBae has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Spelman College. She believes liberation is attainable and our ancestors will lead us there. When she's not divining for her clients or facilitating healing workshops, you can find her snuggled up in her bed or hula hooping to Afro Beats! 
JujuBae is a proud healer, educator, influencer, and host of iHeart Radio Nominated Best Spirituality Podcast, A Little Juju Podcast. She inspires Black women and all those of African Diaspora, to reconnect to their heritage and personal power through spirituality and communal healing. JujuBae believes liberation is attainable and that our ancestors will lead us there through natural healing practices of working with herbs, consulting with Spirit, and communing with each other. A leader and student, JujuBae shares her journey and opinions genuinely, raw, and in joy! She is recognized as one of the most real and caring traditional Afro- Spirituality teachers of modern times by her community and large social following. JujuBae is remembering our roots in these modern times.


Twitter: @hoodooplants
Instagram: @hoodooplantmamas



This podcast was created, hosted, and produced by Dani & Leah.

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